Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tuva Tuva Tuva + Familien

Bring me more 7 year olds! That's about all I have to say :-)
I loved Tuva's attitude.  I laughed so much taking these photos.  She was really hilarious.  She was pretty sceptical to a few things I made her do plus I lied to her about there being a butterfly in my camera lens which she thought was so uncool...hehe! Note to self - it works on 4 year olds and no older ;-)
I could have taken photos of her for hours really.  I liked her family too.  I especially like that they were very keen to stay away from studio photos. 6 o'clock light is just beautiful right now.  "Høst" or Autumn is in the air and everything is starting to change, but we still have some warm days left.
I am enjoying every second I can to be outside in the sunshine.  10 years in Norway and an extra good summer makes me want to hold on to every strand of sunshine I can.









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