Friday, 25 April 2014

Påske Baby

Every year I have done a påske (Easter) themed babyshoot.  I started with real eggs, then felt eggs, and then I got the idea from all the Norwegians that use feathers in their Easter decorations.  The Easter Bunny is kind of new here, and it seems the Påskekylling (Easter Chicken) is still much more the thing used here, at least in decorations.  People decorate branches with brightly coloured feathers and then put them in a vase.  I still don't quite understand it but over the years after thinking it was strange to decorate at Easter at all, I find it like the rest of the Norwegians "koselig" or a nice cosy thing to do.  Here it is spring and colours are coming back after everything dying off over the winter and it is exciting when the first buds appear on the trees! So my point is I used feathers this year and I really like how it turned out even though it might be a little over the top.  I had fun with it and the colours were really nice.  I even made the head dress to match.
This adorable little girl was 6 days old.  We were meant to do the photos at 4 days old but my boy was sick so we had to delay for 2 days.  She was rather awake compared to 2 days earlier and it was a little more effort to get her to sleep but we did it and once she was asleep she slept soundly.  Her beautiful big brother and sister joined in for some photos too which was nice.