Thursday, 20 November 2014

Test shots with new Nikon D750

A few weeks ago I became the very proud owner of the new Nikon D750.  I have had my old camera for quite a few years now, and even though it still takes lovely shots it  just isn't living up to my new expectations anymore.  I take alot of photos in very low light, or at least I would like to take better one's in low light, and now it is the "dark period" my little studio sometimes just isn't bright enough for my old camera.  I have found the answer to that problem, and it is never going to be studio lighting! :-) This camera is amazing and I can't wait to take more and more photos with it!
Maria was a great model.  I was really impressed my her maturity and enthusiasm to help me out.  I now understand my camera a little better.  Thanks Maria!





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