Thursday, 27 August 2015

Reinli Stavkirke Wedding

I had the pleasure of taking photos of Hege and Harald at a wedding in Reinli Stavkirke which is a few hours from where we live.  I drove up the day before so I could check out the church and the surrounding area.  The church is very old and was rebuilt in the early 1200's! Coming from Australia I find this so hard to comprehend that something could really be that old.  This church was so old infact that it had an area around the outer wall where people with Leprosy could attend the church service away from the healthy. The windows were small, high up, but many, and there was so much more light than I was expecting.  This church has no electricity at all and is only used for special occasions in the summer so it was a real honour to take photos here.
Between rain and strong sunshine this wedding was a really lovely event with family and close friends.  The dinner was at a beautiful location and I have never seen such a lovely table setting.  There were so many details to photograph this blogpost is possibly my biggest yet!

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