Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Easter Baby Shoot with Lillebror

Already a 17 day old baby is not considered newborn anymore. They are more difficult to get to sleep and they are not so squishy and flexible so that the photographer can put them into little foetal-like positions.  So when a customer tells me their baby is already 17 days old I don't have huge expectations that the baby will sleep for me.  And that said, alot of the time a newborn will not sleep for me easily either.  But this beautiful baby boy was more than happy to sleep for me. Even with his big 2 year old sister running around.  She was also very good for me and decorated her baby brother with felt easter eggs for one photo and was quite happy to be in the photos a couple of times :-)
I love when people bring their own knitted things with them for the shoot.  It becomes a more personal shoot and they can always think about the lovely clothes that his auntie made for him. I love that blue colour! It went beautifully with my new brown blanket!

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