Monday, 14 March 2016

Winter Bridal Inspiration

This is one of those shoots that almost didn't happen because of several reasons including the weather.  Then it snowed suddenly and within just a few days we threw this together! I have been so impressed before by the girls I have been working with on these bridal inspirations but this time it really exceeded all my expectations! We plan everything online with chatting and sharing ideas.  Line from Numedal Blomster makes gorgeous flowers from the inspiration we have collected and they couldn't have been more perfect for this photoshoot! Hedda who was our model for the last Autumn shoot and did her own hair and makeup, brought her sister Linnea in as model this time.  It was great she could do it on such short notice and she was a stunning model! Then did I mention the deer? I had taken photos out at Wåla Hjorteoppdrett nearly 10 years ago when I was pregnant with Aleksander.  I had originally thought we would take photos up at Knuten since last time I went there the trees were all covered in snow like sculptures and it would have been a beautiful backdrop.  But I suddenly thought that we had to have deer in the photoshoot! I didn't remember them being so tame and my expectations weren't very high.  I thought if I got a couple of shots with them in the far distance that would be nice.  I didn't expect that I would have to shoo them out of some shots as they were so curious and friendly they wanted to be part of the show the whole photoshoot! It was just spectacular! I haven't ever had such an amazing experience in all my years of photography.  It was one of those "pinch me! I think I'm dreaming, moments".  Linnea did an amazing job at staying focused when she was being sniffed at by deer and I can imagine it would have been quite difficult to look dramatic without smiling the whole time as I was!
You can view a short film clip from the day on my instagram and some cute behind the scenes photos.  It's always nice to follow me there too.
Congratulations to Line on her beautiful baby boy.  I can't wait to meet him.  Such a good job just one week before he was born!
I hope we all can still do some collaborations in the not too distant future.  We really work so well together.  It's so nice to work with people when I usually am on my own in my little business :-)
Thanks to Heidi and Anders Wåla for their time while we did the shoot.  Super grateful!

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