Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Little Ola Martin

Oh...I was so happy to meet this beautiful boy! 8 days old and so perfect. I have been working with his mum Line from Numedal Blomster on inspiration shoots and we just finished the one with deer 1 week earlier!

What a lovely little boy with so much hair! Love it! Line brought along a wreath that she had decorated with flowers for the shoot.  Flowers work in photoshoots for boys! Yay!
He was a sleepy but hungry baby.  So as long as he was fed every once in a while he was quite happy to sleep. Doesn't he have a gorgeous baby mohawk!

I went back to do a home session at 18 days and he was just as good and sleepy.  I wanted to try a couple of poses out that needed some work and they went so well.  One happy photographer! :-)
I have added a little film at the end from the home session.  This is why I love my job! 

Thanks to Hemelia for the gorgeous grey and blue overalls.

Congratulations Line and Paal!


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