Thursday, 11 August 2016

Family, Pregnancy and Underwater Shoot

It was perfect weather for a family shoot by the lake and not too cold for Susanne to take her first swim of the season! I recently bought an underwater housing for my DSLR and when we were in Greece this summer I got to test it out.  Back when fluidphotography just started up in Sydney, Australia, 15 years ago, I used to do alot of underwater pregnancy shoots.  But that was with film! It's not so easy here in Norway when the water can be so cold, but I would like to do more and get better at what I used to do. So if you dare, drop me a line and we will make it happen!
It's always crazy running after a 2 year old during a photoshoot and this little girl was very funny and great to photograph.  I really look forward to meeting the new member of the family soon and taking some newborn and sibling photos!

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