Wednesday, 11 April 2018

In The Outback - A Dance Photoshoot

I have been back in Norway for two weeks.  It is really good to be home and I know that I belong here more and more, which is a weird and a little sad feeling.  At the same time, being back in Australia makes me remember where I come from.  There is nothing like the scent of eucalyptus in the air.  It is so wonderful I almost feel dizzy with happiness.  Something you take for granted when living in Australia.
This trip was a little different to the others.  We had taken the kids out of school for three weeks between winter break and easter, making our time away four and a half weeks. It's my quiet time as a photographer so it was perfect for me to be away from Norway.  In that sense I had ideas of big plans! I thought it would be nice to organise a dance photoshoot in my hometown again.  This time I went through my old ballet school, Dubbo Ballet Studio. Anna was so helpful and accommodating with online organisation and she found me Sophie.  Sophie is an outstanding dancer and I was so happy to work with her.  I found a beautiful location by the river at Dundullimal.  Everywhere I looked were beautiful backdrops. I was so happy she even posed inside a struck by lighting burnt out old eucalyptus tree. Perfect hands and perfect feet.  At least that is what I see.  I am no expert but I am getting better at noticing these things.
I ended up doing two more dance shoots.  The next one of Eileen Kramer, 103 year old dancer/choreographer, which was at the end of our trip. So look out for that blog post coming soon!

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