Monday, 7 January 2019

fluidphotography 2018 Overview

Happy new year!
2018 was a truly wonderful year.
Last year we had more snow than in years followed by the hottest and driest summer since the 1940's! I got to photograph several babies outside which is more unusual for Norway. I won some awards including a silver for "Oslolaug" which I am very proud of. I travelled to Italy for a wedding that I will never forget. I have witnessed a birth again and photographed a 103 year old dancer.  My style has developed and I now feel like I have more freedom with my customers to do what I want.  Having the trust of people that come back to me year after year is really the best thing a photographer can hope for. I really do feel very lucky.
I am super excited about what this year will bring and the people I will meet.
Thank you to all that read this little blog.  It means a lot.
May 2019 be amazing!

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