Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Homesession in Sweden

Well it's been 4 months since my last blogpost! Christmas was busy and then the whole family was sick.  I had the worst flu of my life so hopefully we are done with sickness for a long time now!
One of my dearest friends Annica had baby number 3, 4 weeks ago, and winter break gave us a great excuse to get to Sweden and see him and his big sisters.  I just worked out I have been friends with Annica for 20 years next year!! I am not sure how that is possible as I am not much older than that! ;-) hehe!
Little Vide was of course asleep for quite a while when we were busy with the bigger kids and then when it was his turn for photos he was awake for a long time.  So I got serious and did my baby whispering thing, along with his mamma feeding him and we had a sleepy little baby to work with. Oh but the light was nearly gone! It was nice to do a homesession and use different rooms in the house.  I just followed the light and ended up in the kitchen where it was beautiful low light. It is also nice to do homesessions as I get to use what is available in the home.  I didn't expect to use the cane chair but there it was and it was a perfect backdrop for some photos.
Congratulations Annica and Andreas on your beautiful baby boy!
Thanks to Kari Hagen of KADE for letting me use her beautifully hand knitted baby clothes.  They were perfect!













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