Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Floral Pregnancy Inspiration Shoot

Last Autumn I worked with Hedda on a bridal inspiration shoot.  This time was a little different as she is awaiting baby number two.  What a great way to combine the talents of Line from Numedal Blomster yet again with this gorgeous girl and her lovely belly. 
We travelled to a secret waterfall in the evening and took with my 7.5 year old daughter who played photo assistant and baby entertainer to Line's 4 month old baby boy. There had been a lot of rain the previous week and I wasn't expecting there to be so much water so we had to actually walk to a lower level of the waterfall as the top level was overflowing! The water spray in the air was lovely and cool on a nice hot evening and made for a nice soft affect in the photos.
If you are planning on pregnancy photos and would like to add some flowers just let me know or you can contact Line directly.
Wishing Hedda the best for the last few days of pregnancy :-)

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