Monday, 12 September 2016

Rudolf - A different kind of baby photoshoot

On Friday we went to Wåla Hjorteoppdrett to visit the sweetest 4 week old "Rudolf". His real mum wouldn't accept him, but now he has more mums than he could ever dream of. One of his new mums had to sleep with him out in the barn when he was just born as he needed milk every few hours. He still takes a bottle 5 times a day. He doesn't really know who those strange creatures are on the other side of the fence as he thinks he is a human to.
I first took photos of Wåla Hjorteoppdrett 10 years ago.  I was heavily pregnant and was waddling around, "chasing" deer.  It is such a wonderful farm.  I again took photos here last winter for a bridal inspiration shoot. I had forgotten how tame these beautiful deer were.
My daughter is also a lover of animals and Rudolf followed her around like a puppy dog and even waited for her outside the house when she went inside to the toilet! We went for a walk with him and suddenly he took off which we were all a bit worried about, but he knew where home was and I could see him from up the hill, jumping up to one of the kids bedroom windows waiting for his milk!


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