Monday, 27 November 2017

Baby Belly and Engagement Announcement

These days I have been getting a lot more customers through instagram.  This is always nice. Extra nice when it is a Canadian couple that get excited at the prospect of a fellow English speaker.  Funnily enough this last month I have had 5 different nationalities visit me for photos! That has to be a record.  I am so used to speaking Norwegian now after 14 years of living here, but it is always great to speak English :-)
Amber and Nick have been living here for a short time while Nick plays Ice Hockey for Asker's team Frisk.  Amber and their doggie Ray, came along for the ride.  Ray is a very loyal chug (chihuahua/pug). Their little girl is due a short time before Christmas and they wanted photos of her lovely pregnant belly plus some photos to announce their engagement!
Amber loves to cook and brought me some delicious banana/chocolate muffins for the kids...which we ate ;-)  Looking forward to meeting the fourth member of the family.
Thanks to Cecilie from Kongsberg Akupunktur for the loan of her beautiful light studio.

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