Friday, 24 November 2017

Land Ahoy! Life After Cancer.

This has been a difficult year for our friends and family.  We have had 2 friends with cancer and my Dad also had cancer.
We received our first message from Diana back in March that Alex had an aggressive type of lymphoma cancer. She wrote all the messages as if it was a travel diary with a family on a long voyage over the sea with rough waters and often horizons difficult to view.  It was often difficult to read and comprehend how life must have been for them, but we are so thankful that we were included in those updates. Things didn't look good for a while, but Alex was taken very good care of at Radium Hospital and with great help of modern medicine and all the positive thoughts from family, friends and staff at the hospital, Alex has beaten it! Cancer free but still with a long road ahead to recover.
I met this lovely Dutch family 13 years ago when they first moved to Norway and bought Hamremoen Gård. They have made an idyllic life together there with their 3 gorgeous children and I wish them many more happy years to come with a new lease of life.
You can see in their faces just how happy and thankful they are. It was so nice to see so much joy after such a tough year.

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