Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Pregnancy shoot - Waterfalls & Rainbows

Sigh...I just loved this shoot! Elvita was stunning and her fiance Tom is rather handsome as well. It made for a beautiful evening shoot with ridiculous amounts of sunshine, rainbows and waterfalls.  Tom wanted a fishing inspired shoot, which I thought was...different, but it was very cute.  Then we did some more typical photos with the new green forest as a backdrop with glowing soft spot lights coming through the trees, followed by a rainbow in a waterfall.  The waterfall is very strong at the moment due to all the snow still melting in the mountains which made extra mist combined with loads of sunshine giving us rainbows and sun rays! The beautiful sun rays in the mist! :-) Typically I avoid shooting in such bright sunshine but when one has rainbows, one thinks differently ;-)
I really look forward to meeting baby girl in a few weeks. I suggested they call their baby Rainbow.  They laughed ;-)

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