Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Yvonne - Konfirmant

I can put a lot of pressure on myself these days.  I guess everyone does that at times.  I want to be the best photographer I can be.  No, not the best photographer, just good enough that I can be happy and make my customers say wow! Not too much to ask it? I've been really pushing myself and it can be rather exhausting in my head...
So when it came to taking photos of Yvonne, whom I have taken plenty of photos of before, and I also won an award for one of her photos at the last Norwegian competition, I wanted to do more than a good job.
It was an extremely sunny afternoon, which isn't my favourite time to photograph.  But I am learning to embrace the sun and not just hide in the shade.  By 8.30 in the evening it was of course beautiful light and we were nearly finished in her bunad
It isn't difficult to take photos of Yvonne.  She has a lot of character to go with her natural beauty and this time seemed extra fun, with her dressed in her bunad with barefeet.  A lovely flower crown to top off her look with plenty of attitude.
Yvonne has different interests to "most" girls.  She likes all things "geeky".  She is a creative soul who loves to draw, be on the stage, and her new love is the piano. She's also fantastic in English which is fun for me!
I was very impressed when she (and her mum) agreed to wading out in her bunad to the rock in the lake.  Not every Mum or daughter would agree to that!
She changed into her "Raptor Trainer" t-shirt from the movie Jurassic World and acted out a scene for me, before sitting deep in thought drawing, completely in her element.