Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Emma - Konfirmant

I have known Emma and her family for a long time.  Emma was around 1 year old when she started at the same barnehage I worked in for a while.
Fast forward 13 years and Emma has grown in to a beautiful young woman.  Strong physically and also with opinions about the world today.  She is a fantastic swimmer and she asked me if I could do some underwater photos for her confirmation invitations, which I of course gladly said yes to.
I was later invited to her "kakefest" which was a lovely gathering of close friends and family from the Netherlands.  It was the first confirmation party we have been to and it was a lovely afternoon in hot sunshine.
A few days later we did some more photos in their "backyard" in the most lovely light.
Emma's mother Diana sewed her bunad which took a whole year prior to her confirmation. It is a bunad from Nedre Buskerud.  Diana decribed it to me "It is in it's original colour green, which is from the nature -the earth and the forest, corn yellow, from the cornfields in the summer, and red flowers are from the colour of the Norwegian barns."
A lot of the embroidery was done during hard time whilst Emma's father was in hospital getting radiation treatment.  A lot of sorrow mixed with relief and happiness was put in to the making of Emma's bunad which she will carry with her in her life. It makes her bunad all the more special.


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