Thursday, 15 November 2018

First Snow - Family Photoshoot

It had snowed a few days earlier in Kongsberg, but had mostly melted away.  It has since then, been very mild for November.  I was so happy to be taking photos of Catrine and family.  I have a photo of the two girls hanging in my studio from when Hanna was just a newborn.  4 years seem to just fly by.  We drove up to Knuten to find there was still a light covering of snow, and the lake had already turned to ice.  It had these beautiful swirly, circular patterns in it, like it had frozen quickly in a cold snap. Here we got our of the car and were met with freezing cold wind.  Oh so cold! The kind of wind that blows through you and turns you to ice! They decided we would stay and do some photos here anyway, with in between jumping around, warming up, jackets off, look like it's-warmer-than-what-it-is kind of photoshoot.  The were very good at this! I was impressed!
We then took a few photos at Sølvgruvene where there was no wind and it really was not as cold.
With less than 6 weeks until Christmas, I don't have much time left to do any photoshoots.  I am waiting for a couple of babies to be born, and have a couple of midweek photoshoots available.  Contact me asap if you want a spot. Otherwise I have Christmas photos on Sunday the 25th November.  Crossing fingers for some snow!

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